Bonded and Insured


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Event Cleaning

It gets messy after all the fun. That's where Tidy Wiz comes in. 

Cleaning Time & Tasks

All event related areas will be cleaned. This service may require 2 hours of service time. One hour before and 1 hour after the event. Service includes wiping and sanitizing tables chairs, etc., getting rid of the trash (Example: Bottles, cups, confetti, etc.)  Set collected trash and recyclable bags at area designated for city collection, or otherwise designated onsite area . 

Equipment, tools, materials, and labor are included in the cost. 30% Off included in posted price. WI 5.1% tax will be applied at checkout. This offer expires 6/30/19.

Request a quote today! A worksite assessment before the purchase of this or any other service is highly recommended.

Read Event Cleaning Preparations

Notice to Client

Favorable Worksite Conditions

 Favorable conditions include: Client must empty and/or make the service worksite fully accessible. Make sure there are no items or animals obstructing the service work area. Hazardous or unsafe materials and/or conditions must be  eliminated from the service area site before the service commences. (Window exterior cleaning may be no less than 40 degrees Fahrenheit). Access to electricity, cold and hot water is required. 

Bonded and Insured

 Tidy Wiz is bonded and insured! Copies of each will be provided upon request. Additional insured documentation available within 24 hours of contract commencing.