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Residential & commercial Price Guide

Purchase in Advance

Choose, purchase, and call. Cleaning area descriptions of tasks and purchase options are listed below.  Each service area  subheading (i.e.: Kitchen) has a list of task descriptions to be completed listed below it. 

Note:  Weekly, monthly, and tri-monthly subscription plans are now available! Call for more details. Not all individual services provided by Tidy Wiz are listed below. A worksite assessment is highly recommended before purchase. Equipment, tools, materials, and labor are included in the cost. See "Notice to Client" below for explanation of favorable conditions.  Any extra  time costs incurred will be payable at end of service. Client will be notified of new charges before service time is completed. 


Residential Areas

Below are the general tasks for the areas that will be cleaned if applicable. Any area  below that requires removal/resetting of shelf items  (i.e: knickknacks, towels, paperwork, candles)  or removal of obstructing items will be assessed a $25 fee.  Dish-washing, laundry, and bed-making tasks are not provided services.  

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Commercial Price Guide Under Construction

Notice to Client

Favorable Worksite Conditions

Favorable conditions include: Client must empty and/or make the service worksite fully accessible. Make sure there are no items or animals obstructing the service work area. Hazardous or unsafe materials and/or conditions must be  eliminated from the service area site before the service commences. (Window exterior cleaning may be no less than 40 degrees Fahrenheit). Access to electricity, cold and hot water is required. 

Bonded and Insured

Tidy Wiz is bonded and insured! Copies of each will be provided upon request. Additional insured documentation available within 24 hours of contract commencing.