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How long will the job take?

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It depends. Every job is unique. Tidy Wiz will provide the most efficient cleaning product on the market to complete  the task. Steam treating is also utilized in the cleaning process therefore improving efficiency and reducing labor hours at the worksite. The most accurate way to find out is to get a worksite assessment. Just call or email me to arrange a time. You can also  fill out the convenient online quote form under "Contact" on this site.

Use the Cleaning Time Calculator tool below to help you convert the decimal hours itemized in your estimate/invoice. The hours and minutes will display after you've typed in the decimal hours. 

What forms of payment do you accept?

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Accepted forms of payment

Payments may be made online or at the worksite.

Do you use environmentally friendly cleaners?

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Yes. Please let me know if you have a select product in mind. Given that some people are extremely sensitive to certain cleaners, I highly recommend children and animals not be in the worksite area while cleaning is in progress. 

Steam treating upholstery and flooring are part of my work process. For the client this means less cleaner use. Depending on the job requirements I may not even have to use cleaners, granting you peace of mind.

Cleaning Time Calculator