Bonded and Insured

Membership in 3 easy steps

Step 1

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Purchase any service with Tidy Wiz Cleaning. 

Step 2


Set up your Tidy Wiz private account.

Step 3


Accept the Tidy Wiz Members Only email invite.

Members Only benefits

Rising Star Rewards Program


Collect a gold star for each Tidy Wiz purchase.  Earn a Tidy Wiz reward after you collect all 8 gold stars. Past services are eligible for a gold star. Rewards will vary periodically.

 Rising Star Rewards Guide

  • Subscriptions=2 stars
  • Purchase Single Area  or Service Package= 1 star
  • Special Tasks (ie.: Account Setup & Membership, etc. )= 1 star
  • Referral=1 star

Earn Extra Savings


Receive extra savings on current promotions (Exceptions: Tidy Wiz Referral Program and 15% Off New Client offer).